New Mosque Design

Our Vision: An Islamic Center in the Heart of Alexandria

By the grace of Allah, we have acquired a piece of land spanning 2 acres (approximately 8000 square meters) to establish an Islamic center in the heart of Alexandria. This land is strategically located just 20 minutes from the White House, making it a priceless location.

🌟 Deserving Allah’s Neighborhood: A Blessed Opportunity

Did you know that building and maintaining a Masjid brings immense honor and reward? The Prophet ﷺ peace be up on him said: “On the Day of Judgment, Allah will call out: ‘Where are My neighbors, where are My neighbors?’ The angels will respond: ‘Our Lord! Who deserves to be Your neighbor?’ Allah will reply: ‘Where are the people who maintain the mosques?’”.

Imagine being honored as one of Allah’s neighbors! Is there a greater honor or accomplishment? This reward awaits those who contribute to building and maintaining mosques.

🌟 Bridging Hearts: Our Islamic Center 20 minutes from the heart of the nation capital and the White House.

Imagine a place where hearts connect, knowledge flourishes, and friendships bloom. Our Islamic Center, nestled in the heart of Washington, D.C., just minutes away from the White House, is more than bricks and mortar—it’s a beacon of hope and transformation.

Why This Center Matters

  1. Proximity to Power: Being close to the White House isn’t just about location; it’s about influence. Our center stands as a reminder of our values, echoing through the corridors of power.
  2. A Home for Disconnected Souls: In this fast-paced world, our youth often feel adrift. Our center provides a safe haven—a place to learn, grow, and find solace. Here, they’ll discover their purpose and connect with fellow Muslims.
  3. Cultural Bridge: We’re not just building walls; we’re breaking them down. Our center fosters understanding between Western and Islamic values. It’s a space where dialogue replaces stereotypes, and unity triumphs over division.
  4. Acts of Compassion: We’re not just a place of worship; we’re a hub for charity. Here’s how:
    • 💡 Helping the Homeless: Our center actively supports the homeless. Warm meals, blankets, and compassion—because everyone deserves dignity.
    • 💡 Volunteering Opportunities: We believe in giving back. Whether it’s tutoring, mentoring, or community clean-ups we will do all in this center.
    • 💡 Global Outreach: Our charity extends beyond borders. From Africa to the world, we aid orphans, the needy, and those affected by crises.

What Happens Within These Walls

  1. 💡 Educational Oasis: Our classrooms echo with the recitation of the Quran. Young minds absorb knowledge, and hearts ignite with faith.
  2. 💡 Friendship Blooms: Laughter echoes in the courtyard as friendships form. Our youth bond over shared experiences, creating lifelong connections.
  3. 💡 Dawah in Action: From engaging lectures to community outreach, our center spreads the light of Islam. We’re not just a building; we’re a force for good.

Your Role in This Journey

👉 Be a Part of the Legacy: By contributing, you become part of a legacy that transcends generations. Your support fuels every prayer, every smile, and every positive change.

👉 Invest in Tomorrow: Imagine the impact—Muslim children growing up with a sense of belonging, rooted in their faith. Insha’Allah Your donation shapes their future.

👉 Join Us: Click the “Donate” button. Let’s build bridges, nurture souls, and create a legacy that resonates with Allah’s blessings.

Thank you for being part of this transformative journey! 🙌🏼🌿