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We closed our Da’wa center and Quarn school due to CoronaVirus. This means no income to pay for the expensive rental property.

Do you know how great of honor and reward it is for the one who BUILDS AND MAINTAINS a Masjid?

The Prophet ﷺ said:

“On the Day of Judgment Allah will call out: ‘Where are My neighbors, where are My neighbors?’ The Angels will say: ‘Our Lord! Who deserves to be your neighbor?’ He will reply: ‘Where are the people who


[Collected by Al-Harith ibn Abi Usamah in his Musnad (1/16), and authenticated by Sh. Al-Albani in his As-Silsilah as-Sahihah (2728)]

Imagine YOU being given the great honor of becoming one of ALLAH’S NEIGHBORS!

Is there any HONOR bigger than that? Is there any ACCOMPLISHMENT greater than that? Is there anything else you would rather want than that?

This reward is for the one who BUILDS AND MAINTAINS the Mosques. If you become a monthly donor your donation will go to our ongoing Dawah, building this Masjid and maintaining it! You’ll in sha Allah be creating the maximum impact and getting the maximum reward.